YouTube TV Promo Code 14 Day Free Trial + 1 Month Free (Updated 2021)

If you are someone who consumes a lot of online content, then you must be watching YouTube TV. Since YouTube TV is a streaming service, only those who have the subscription available can stream content. But those that have YouTube TV promo codes available can stream TV content for absolutely free.

Now, the question is: How to get YouTube TV promo codes for free? That’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

Let’s learn how to get YouTube TV promo codes to watch your favourite shows on YouTube absolutely free.

What Are the YouTube TV Packages?

YouTube announced the launch of its TV streaming service in 2017. The cost per month for streaming content was set at $49.99 per month. Although the service was supposed to be available in only North America, YouTube decided to expand the service in 2019 to the whole of the USA. It is now available across America and anyone with the TV promo codes or subscription of YouTube promo codes can avail the service.

As of now, YouTube TV offers all the latest shows for unlimited streaming. Anyone who has subscribed to YouTube can enjoy the benefits of the YouTube Red TV package.

How to Save Money With YouTube TV Subscription?

YouTube has launched many promo codes in the market that people can subscribe to and get access to entertainment channels. But YouTube subscription service is not free and $49.99 is too much for many users. That’s where the YouTube subscription promo codes can come in handy.

Users can get the YouTube promo code and then use them to get access to YouTube TV for a discounted price. Here are all the YouTube TV promo codes that you can get this month.

14-Day Trial

Get A FREE 14-Day Trial With YouTube Tv Free trial Promo Code

More Less
Doesn't expire

$10 OFF
35% OFF
Trial Code + $10 OFF
70 Channels Coupon
1 Month Trial

Best YouTube TV Promo Codes List (2021)

YouTube TV Promo Codes ( 2021) Coupon Code
YouTube TV: FREE 14-Day Trial No Code Required
$10 Off Annual Subscriptions YouTube TV TenOff
1 Month Subscription at $20 Off + 1 Month YouTube TV Free Trial Promo Code VIDCON 2021
35% Off YouTube Starter Kit! VIDCON 2020
100% free Trial Code + $10 Off YouTube Channel YOUTUBE27
Free YouTube TV Trial No Code Required
Live YouTube TV 70+ Channels for $49.99/Month No Code Required
Get 20% off store-wide ACCESS15

There are many other services where you can get YouTube promo codes for free. Some of these codes even give you 50% off on monthly subscription of the YouTube TV service.

But YouTube is great at providing promo codes and you get a lot of channels to watch and entertain from.

YouTube Promo Codes: Features & Supported Device

Here is a list of best features of YouTube promo codes that can help you get the most benefit of this entertainment service.

1. DVR of Nine Months

The best feature of YouTube TV is the DVR service. Other streaming services only let you keep content for as low as one month only. But with YouTube TV, you can keep content for nine months! This is enough time to watch as much content offline as you want. The old content is removed after nine months automatically and you can store new content.

2. 85+ Channels

YouTube offers over 85 channels that is even more than what Hulu and other streaming services are offering. Hulu is offering only 65 channels at this time and YouTube has simply surpassed that!

3. 3 Streams, 6 Accounts

Another benefit that only YouTube TV is offering at this time is the streaming service and the number of accounts on offer. Hulu and other streaming services are only offering 2 streams and 6 accounts but with YouTube, you get 3 streams.

Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services are not offering the number of channels available. Most of these have their own content available. But with YouTube, you get access to multiple other channels. This means that YouTube acts as a cable service and not just a streaming service. It also allows content of other streaming services to be shown on its service.

4. YouTube TV Support Devices

Here is a list of YouTube TV supported devices that you can buy online. All these supported devices are perfect for users who would like to watch their favorite content on YouTube.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku Players
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Samsung and LG Smart cards
  • Xbox One
  • Google Chromecast
  • AirPlay
  • Google Smart Display

How To Redeem YouTube TV Promo Code? Steps

You can easily redeem YouTube TV Promo code when signing up for the YouTube TV service.  To redeem the YouTube promo code, you will have to:

  1. Sign up for YouTube TV subscription service. It offers a free 14 day trial.
  2. When you are creating your account, YouTube will ask you for the promo code in the ‘Enter Promo Code’ section
  3. Press ‘Apply’ to apply the YouTube TV promo code.

The good thing about YouTube is that it keeps providing promo codes to its users almost every month. So, those who are not able to avail the previous promo code offer can get the new one for absolutely free.

Does YouTube TV Have Ads?

YouTube TV is just like a regular TV but it is available on desktop, laptop and mobile device. It is not just a streaming service where the ads will be controlled. It shows ads from the tv channels that are on air at the time you are watching the shows.

YouTube TV also shows content from other video content creators on YouTube from time to time. All these videos are also monetized and users will have to watch the ads available before they can skip ads or move changes to them.

Is YouTube TV worth it? Check Out What Users Say About It

let’s listen what industry leaders have to say about YouTube TV.

1. Sam Greenspan Head of Content at

Sam Greenspan

The question of whether YouTube TV is worth it comes down to one thing: How much do you watch cable and, in particular, live TV? If you primarily watch shows on streaming services or you can wait for episodes to post on Hulu and other services online, then you don’t need YouTube TV. However, if you want to watch live TV, watch every cable channel, DVR programs for immediate/delayed watching, or even just have the TV on as background noise, YouTube TV is a very popular pick. Hulu’s TV service is fairly comparable. Sling TV would work for someone who needs fewer channels and, as a result, wants to pay less.

So how do you save money on YouTube TV? My best recommendation is to buy a Google Play gift card (those are often discounted at more promo code-friendly sites like Raise and Newegg) for a discount. You can use that card to pay for YouTube TV.

You can follow Sam Greenspan his Twitter where he often tweets @samgreenspan or you can connect with him over his LinkedIn profile:

2. Is YouTube TV worth it? Pros & Cons

Olivia TanOlivia Tan, co-founder of CocoFax. You can follow her Twitter where he often tweets @Olivia10582593

For people used to the myriad channels and easy DVR of cable or satellite, YouTube TV’s base package is worth the extra expense over an entry-level streaming service. YouTube TV offers an excellent variety of channels, top-notch DVR features, and great performance.


  1. Excellent line-up of sports, news, and entertainment channels
  2. Robust and easy-to-use DVR features
  3. Intuitive interface


  1. Lacks most SportsNet and all Bally Sports RSNs

Also, what Promo code can use for YouTube TV premium subscription and how much you can save by using Promo code.

Using this promo code “ACCESS15” will give you up to 20% off store-wide.

3. Katherine Brown founder of Spyic

Katherine BrownYou can connect with her via LinkedIn as well!

YT TV is your expressway to exploring premium quality, free and independent TV. Unlike traditional TV subscriptions, YT TV gives you more control over what you can watch. The only misgiving about YT TV is that it is yet to develop like other subscription services and may take some time to get used to.

4. Daniela Sawyer, Founder and Business Development Strategist of

Daniela Sawyer

For those who want to cut the cord and get rid of their cable or satellite subscriptions, YouTube TV is well worth it. Despite its name, YouTube TV is not affiliated with YouTube; it is run by Google as a distinct entity. It has a lot of appealing features, yet everything has its ups and downs. Here are some pros and cons of YouTube TV.

YouTube TV Pros:

  1. Multiple Users: YouTube TV, like most streaming services, allows users to view on several screens at the same time. This setup has the advantage of giving each Google account linked to a user’s YouTube TV subscription its own YouTube TV experience.
  2. Unlimited cloud DVR storage: This means users may record and save their favourite shows, movies, and other media on the cloud for up to nine months. They can use DVR to fast forward, rewind, stop, and so on.
  3. Voice control: Users may do away with remote controls and handle everything directly, from playing to pausing and recording a program, among other things.

YouTube TV Cons:

  1. It is expensive compared to other streaming services. Their price was recently increased from $50 to $65.
  2. It doesn’t support offline streaming so the device must be always connected to the internet.
  3. There are viewing restrictions based on the user’s location.

5. Khari Washington, broker and owner of 1st United Realty & Mortgage.

Khari WashingtonYou can connect with his via LinkedIn as well!

YouTube TV is a great way to cut the cord from cable. However, during the pandemic cable stations have been slow to produce content. Services such as Netflix, Amazon, Sundance, and Hulu have continued to put out more new content. If you want a cable-like service, YouTube TV gives a better slate of channels than most and offers unlimited recording. The pros of YouTube TV are that you can watch on any device, you can record an unlimited amount of programs, and you can access on-demand content. The cons are it is more expensive than other cord cutting services, and the user interface isn’t the most intuitive.

What Promo code can use for YouTube TV?

There aren’t many promo codes, but YouTube TV regularly runs specials for first-time sign-ups.

Which Is Better YouTube TV vs HULU Live?

1. Miranda, Founder of VinPit

Miranda Yan

Overall, they are great streaming services, but I prefer Youtube TV to Hulu Live TV despite both of them being available for only $64.99 a month.

Pros and Cons

On Youtube TV, you have about 80 channels to choose from while Hulu Live TV only has around 65 channels.

Youtube TV allows you to connect up to 3 devices to the same account while you are restricted to 2 on Hulu Live TV.

Hulu Live TV offline viewing is available for everyone but Youtube TV offline viewing is only for subscribers with a 4k viewing upgrade.


Both services offer promo codes that allow their subscribers to enjoy benefits at a discounted rate. Hulu promo codes are available for purchase with an existing package, while YouTube TV shares promo codes like TenOff and VIDCON 2021 that allow users to enjoy a month’s subscription at $20 off and a month free, respectively.

2. Brian Dean, Founder of Exploding Topics

Brian Dean

It’s a tough call between YouTube TV and Hulu. Both are excellent and simple to use. Both offer an impressive channel lineup.

YouTube TV offers more premium add-ons, which is usually a good thing. However, these come at an additional expense. Hulu With Live TV, on the other hand, includes the whole Hulu on-demand catalog as well as all associated content. It is possible to subscribe to Hulu with Live TV without the on-demand feature, but you would only save $1 each month, which is a ridiculous trade-off.

Hulu With Live TV can also be coupled with ESPN+ and Disney+, which will save you even more money.

However, and this is the point where I believe you should pay the most attention, YouTube TV and Hulu each have their own collection of channels. Yes, there is some overlap, but there are also a number of channels that are solely available on one of the two services.

3. Ryan Dalal, CEO & Founder of Word to PDF

Ryan Dalal

YouTube is the clear winner, but Hulu is also a strong contender.

The most significant distinction is between channels. When we examine the total channel numbers from our comprehensive list of the top 100 channels on each service, YouTube TV comes out on top with 76, whereas Hulu only has 60. That number doesn’t include all of the channels available through the services; it only includes the top 100, as decided by CNET editors, but it still gives you a good idea.

Most major national channels, such as Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox News, TBS, USA Network, and others, are shared by the two, but there are some variances. In most locations of the country, both services carry all four main local channels — ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC — as well as local affiliates from The CW and MyTV. PBS local stations are only available on YouTube TV; you won’t be able to watch them live on Hulu.

In many locations of the country, both offer regional sports networks, which are channels dedicated to showing regular-season games of specific pro baseball, basketball, and hockey teams, though not as many as your local cable or satellite provider. You can check YouTube TV by ZIP code here and Hulu Plus Live TV by ZIP code here to see if the RSN you want is available in your area. Fans of sports in the New York and Los Angeles areas should be aware that YouTube TV has dropped YES Network, Fox Sports West, and Prime Ticket, but Hulu has all three RSNs.

Hulu Is over Youtube In Promos.

Hulu is the one that gives more promo codes when you compare it with youtube. Hulu tries to initiate its promo code program every other month. Full marks to Hulu when it comes to Promo codes.

Bottom line: How to Watch YouTube TV with Promo Codes?

You will just have to sign up for YouTube TV and then add your promo codes to watch YouTube TV. It is one of the fastest growing cable TV and video networks for watching TV content. It also offers cable TV for cheaper than what other streaming services are offering it for. So, it makes sense to avail the YouTube TV offer and enjoy entertainment 24/7/365.

Is there any YouTube TV promo code that we can add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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